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Health Coaching

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Health Coaching Ads,

Our client needed new Facebook and Google ads for their latest ad campaign.
They initially wanted clean ads with white backgrounds and a pop of colour featuring the owner.
I developed a line of clean, and crisp ads that had a simple message and pop of colour. These the team felt captured the look our client was going for.

Following that the client came back requesting to go in a different direction using stock photography that she had purchased. We tried to explain to her that using these stock images really were the opposite of what she had initially wanted to do. The stock photography took away the personal touch, she was trying to portray and replaced it with stark images of people in office attire at meetings. As she was not running classes in an office environment nor was her product meant for “office users” we really felt that this would detract from connecting with her desired user group. She was determined to have us use the stock photography.

I tried to develop clear ads that depicted what she was selling over the stock images. The pictures were busy and hard to add overlays of text to due to the content of the photos and the small spaces the ads allowed. Regardless of the struggles, these were the ads that the client decided to go with.