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I hear you are looking for a UX designer, and I thought I should introduce myself! My friends think I’m friendly, funny and out going, I love people and solving the mysteries of life. I drink tea like its my super power, learning new skills drives me forward, being creative keeps me involved, and puppies make me laugh! I believe our relationships with each other and the world we live in show a mirror of who we really are at our core, and how we treat those relationships should have a positive effect, leaving a legacy of striving to be kinder and our impact should leave things better then they were before we came along. I also thought I’d share some other fun facts about me too!

I was really inspired when I came across the job at Finger Food Studios. The fact that the team is tackling facenating projects that not only give back to the communities (like helping kids learn coding with Spiro) but also creating helpful AR products that are putting the future quite literly in our hands. I think the AR space is opeing up so many avenues, and can be used to create such interesting, inclusive and accessible tech for our ever expanding future.

Finger Food Studios as a company has piqued my interest, as the company culture seems to put people first, promote self-development and also connecting with your colleges and growing together. As a leader I have always believed that when people feel that they are valued and are happy and healthy they create amazing, passionate teams.

On Monday’s we get creative:

My best friend and I have dedicated Mondays to self development, we actively try new things, look at ways to develop totally random skills, learn new things, and explore ways to get back to what makes us happy, centered and will enrich our lives. These things have included:

  • learning to knit
  • learning better ways to budget
  • harnessing our inner master chef
  • mountain top sunset hikes
  • going to gong bath meditation
  • sewing experiments
  • and so much more!

Keeping it interesting:

I have always been obsessed with trying new things, learning and growing, chasing the experience and embracing my nerdy-ness! I have had the opportunity to perform onstage with the Vancouver Opera (in a non singing capacity) on over 10 shows, being everything from a “member of the crowd” to being called out for being the “lady who donated the cups” and having to perfect a massive, quick moving wig gag in front of a packed house! You can currently catch me in Puccini’s La Boheme.
My other nerdy pursuits have included things like learning to drive the Stanley Park Mini Train, knitting up a storm, learning Feng Shui, and how to change a tire on my car.


A big part of what keeps me excited about UX and about life is getting away from it all and going on an adventure! I have traveled all over the world, camped and hiked big multi-day treks in the wilderness and even drove to the totality line of the 2017 eclipse in Oregon with 3 friends and a pinhole camera (yes there is some embarrassing video somewhere of me freaking out about “the science” of it all) I know I can’t always fly off to an exotic location when the mood hits so I simply look for the everyday little things that keep me present, and inspired.  I  always enjoy walking a new way home!
Vancouver Lifesaving Society teaches kids all about water safely, works at events like the Celebration of Light and Olympic Qualifying triathlons to keep the participants and the public safe. They liaise with emergency services performing triage on any injured parties, and create safe spaces for the public to come out and enjoy all that this city has to offer. I am proud to work with them at some of the cities largest events, mentoring younger volunteers, and with all the wonderful people who come out to learn about water safety.

Ajyal Centre (Language Learning Partners) was a wonderful experience where I worked with fellow volunteers in group and one on one to situations teaching English to Syrian refugees that had come to Canada, helping them with the language as well as cultural differences adjusting to a new country. My time here ended when the program was switched from nights to weekday afternoons, I loved the teaching and the learning I did here, though my Arabic is horrible!

Linus Project Making quilts for children and at-risk youth who have been hospitalized or taken from their living situations with nothing to call their own, the Richmond chapter of the Linus Project aims to bring comfort to those in need. My work there usually involved helping source and organize fabric for making quilts, colour matching, cutting and preparing the quilts to be sewen together by the team of seniors that come together and have a huge quilting bee making 75-100 blankets in a span of 8 hours.